This year’s mother’s day weekend, I had the great pleasure of appearing at the Whistler Children’s Centre’s 20th annual father daughter dance. The whole event it’s self was all in support of their belief that every child has a special style and personality which makes them a unique individual.  Their approach to children focuses on respecting and nurturing the uniqueness of each child and helping them to reach their potential – physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

This event did so great, and turned out to be pretty unique and creative like each one of the girls who came. Although back when I was younger, my daddy daughter dances couldn’t quite compare to this one. They were my best memories, but being and appearance at this one…. wow. what can i say?

I felt like queen at this event, just from all the simple looks from the little toddlers and older princess’s, but yet with all the attention I rather enjoyed the little girl’s reaction when they got to try on the crown. WELL… their cute little facial expression’s couldn’t quite compare to mine, when I saw the cotton candy dress/costume, and the two popcorn clowns!! AGHHH… so cool!! I’ve never see anything so exciting, and innovative.






Oh there are so many picture’s I could share, and so many stories that could make me go on, and on about! Although that’s what makes the best memories, and for sure this will be one of them!! I enjoyed my night spending time/taking pictures with the girls… and well… myself. Here’s a quick selfie i took of myself during the event, haahaha.



Anyways, it’s always a pleasure to write to you guys!

I do have lots of blogs i need to be writing about… so stay at watch for those!      xoxo, Trinity

Written by: Trinity Stanley

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