If there’s something i love it’s editing photos and videos to my liking. It’s a fun hobby I have and I love it, this to me wasn’t a challenge but a great opportunity to show Miss Teenage Canada my editing skills. I had a blast making this banner.

Sign Source Solution, a multipurpose printing company, has generously donated a roll-up banner. Specialized in manufacturing business signs and event signage, this Toronto-based company will send a representative to the finals night on July 24th. But here’s the fun part! The design they like best gets to be put on a real life size banner that’s 33 inches wide and 80 inches tall and will be used in future Miss Teenage Canada competitions. How awesome would it be to have your banner for all to see? The winner also gets to pose next to the masterpiece on that night. Whoever that lovely delegate may be should be proud of herself for all the hard work she put into it. logo-1950728559


Drum roll please! 



Tadahhh! What I like about my banners is that I kept with 3 simple colours, pink, black and white. I next then wanted to emphasize the “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.” This is because everyone is beautiful in their own way. For the girl I wanted to have a silhouette of a girl because no matter what you look like, whether you’re blonde, brunette or a redhead, tall or short you can be the next Miss Teenage Canada! Thank you and I will see you tomorrow Toronto!


Your Miss Teenage South Western BC


Written by: Madison

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