As a Regional Delegate from British Columbia. I arrived in Toronto a day early on the Saturday at roughly 6:30pm. The next day was a fun filled day where I got to meet all the delegates at the welcoming party which was lovely by the way.  It was an amazing night and I made friends with the sponsors and people that will be last a lifetime.

At 6:30 pm we entered into the ballroom at the Airport Holiday Inn in Toronto to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada. I was feeling rather excited! Everyone was dressed in beautiful cocktail dresses and I for one wore a white and black cocktail dress which is one of my favourite dresses I own.

I went from sponsor to sponsor taking photos and talking with them to get to know a bit more about them. This is my first time officially visiting Toronto besides always connecting through on flights and I must say this city has a beautiful sunset. Truly it was spectacular, the sky was streaked bright orange and pink as the sun fell beyond the horizon.

Even more beautiful than the sunset was the people I made friends with. They were so outgoing and funny, similar to myself. I decided to make this blog post unique in a way that many others haven’t. I wanted to experience some of the events along with talking about Sunday night, which was amazing.

The party was lively and people mingled all throughout the night and near the end Sarah, the winner of MTC in 2015 cut the welcoming cake for us which was awesome. She’s very sweet and I got to talk with her a bit too. The upcoming days got me excited as I encountered many sponsors and took tons of cute pictures.

Now let’s meet the sponsors…



Anyone who knows me knows I like to keep my teeth very clean. Oral hygiene is very important me and guess who I look forward to seeing? Archer Dental! It’s said they have Oral B traveler’s toothbrushes specially monogrammed from Archer Dental because when we’re competing for the crown want to keep that smile beautiful. Thanks Archer Dental who will be giving out toothbrushes. That’s awesome! And who doesn’t love monogrammed stuff! Hygiene is always essential for pageants because you must keep in tip top shape.

Facebook: @ArcherDental Twitter: @ArcherDental Instagram: @ArcherDental 




Nuvango created a shareable moment center by offering up some designer clothes and a full length mirror. I’m a sucker for clothes, and I’ve even checked out their online site and so should you! Fashion is a girl’s passion. Later in the week I will visit Nuvango headquarters (Tuesday July 19). I was very excited to go visit and see some of their expensive designer apparel!

Nuvango is beautiful and I even got a chance to check out their online site which I love. Everything is so unique and no clothing item is the same which I enjoy. They also base their print and design off artists and if you know me I love art! Drawing especially is one of my favourite hobbies.
We visited Nuvango on the Tuesday, and the studio was beautiful. They take extra care with all their products and they are definitely designer. One of my favourite things was to see the sewing machines and how everything was handcrafted. Nuvango puts so much effort into there products and I’m planning on buying some products in the future.

I tried on a handcrafted skirt that one of the girls made and it was phenomenal. Check out the photo below, it was one of a kind. Beautiful, stunning and trendy I would like to buy one in the future, haha but I’m going to need to save some money to be able to afford it. That’s okay, it’s a small price to pay for a gorgeous skirt!


Facebook: @nuvango Twitter: @nuvango Instagram: @nuvango 

#nuvango #nuvangostyle



All the delegates are also getting a free pair of designer sunglasses from V.P.I. Canada.

I found my pair of my glasses online for $28.00! Thanks VPI Canada . I love them and will make sure to wear them out for all our outings, Here’s a pic of me wearing my shades at the party!


These sunglasses are defiantly going to be useful through the Toronto heat. Thanks V.P.I Canada for protecting me from those rays haha. These glasses are gorgeous and I will continue to use them in the future.

Facebook: @v.p.i.canada Twitter: v.p.i.canada Instagram: v.p.i.canada 


rimmel-london-198x100Who doesn’t love the London look? Rimmel I look forward to seeing Rimmel London in the future. Thank you Rimmel! I can’t wait to see what this company has to offer. I have heard of Rimmel because it’s a well-known make up brand but I’ve never gotten the chance to try it. While In Toronto I plan to try it before I leave and I’m sure I’ll love it. I’ve heard many great reviews on it. Not only that but I’ve seen many advertisements for it.

Facebook: @rimmellondon Twitter: @rimmellondon Instagram: @rimmellondon 


Hashtagio1Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform that was at the party collecting all our social media tagged with the #MissTeenageCanada2016 and then projecting it live at the party. Even better, they make a single feed URL to which our parents and friends can subscribe to follow along in real time as we experience all the different activities here in Toronto. Not only that but the mass of spontaneously issued images and text from all 65 delegates will be archived on this page in the Miss Teenage Canada main site and on the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network / Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016.13713286_1212218908811244_429219139_n

Facebook: @hashtagio Twitter: @hashtagio Instagram: @hashtagio



Now who doesn’t love chocolate? My favourite is milk chocolate! Yummm. Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was at the party doing chocolate tastings. Sam made a very informative and delicious chocolate tasting exhibit – after each sampling he generously gave out gourmet chocolate bars , and or edible flower chocolate bars, depending on each delegate’s individual preferences, as discovered during the tastings.

I got a lovely gift basket that had amazing chocolate such as milk chocolate malt balls that came in a cute little container and also cheesecake chocolate. Delicious!

Sweets Canada is on Twitter @SweetsCanadaCA and so is their parent company Q Foods Canada which tweets from @QFoodsCanada 13706163_1212218842144584_67516812_n

Facebook: @sweetscanada Twitter: @sweetscanada Instagram: @sweetscanada


lCFgGR9GSally Hansen will be providing top of the line products. I shop at Sally Hansen often and I think it’s great store. It has a variety of products from hair to makeup and nails. It has all things a girl could need. If you have an fashion emergency Sally Hansen has your back.

Facebook: @sallyhansen Twitter: @sallyhansen Instagram: @sallyhansen 




Facebook: @brgolfacademy Instagram: @brgolfacamedy Twitter: @brgolfacademy 

Another fun exhibit at the Opening Night Sponsors’ Party was from Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy which teaches golf lessons at six golf courses west of Toronto.

On Weds July 20th we’re all going to the golf academy to play a one-hole golf game for two ladies golf jackets (which are prizes from SWING active wear) at the end of our group lessons on two different courses. Here at the party there was a live mini golf attraction set up for us to practice our putting. We visited this beautiful place and not only were there golf lessons but also a country club.

We got to play a round go golf and Bradlee Ryall taught us himself which was super cool. Not only that but I learned that I really like golf an wouldn’t mind lessons when I get home, I think it could become a new hobby of mine.

After golfing we went back to the country club we got to eat at Iggy’s restaurant which was located there was an assortment of food such as sliders, shrimp tacos, shirley temples, pizza and a lot more food. I loved it all, the food was amazing. Thank you Iggy’s restaurant, next time I visit Toronto I hope to stop at you’re fine restaurant again. I also want to thank Brandlee Ryall for the amazing day. I loved it!




1468367299686 Now this sounds so cool! Archer’s Arena looks cool and unusual. I am excited to try it and they visited opening night. At the party there was a bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the pointy end) and everyone took turns trying to hit a paper target that was setup in the ballroom. Guess where we’ll be on Thursday? At this place! On that night, look for the hashtag #archerytag.

Facebook: @archersarena  Twitter: @archersarena Instagram: @archersarena 


logo-bsm-bkWe’ll be visiting the Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:30 a.m. Did you know it’s the only shoe museum in North America? I feel pretty special having the opporutiny to go visit. I love shoes and knowing about all different types and the reasons behind their make is fascinating and an important part of our fashion history.

This place was very cool I liked all the shoes we saw. They were cool and I loved how they came from all different periods of time. History is fascinating! It was really cool seeing some shoes that were made of caribou knee hide which sounds weird but the hide is waterproof and creates traction in snow. Who knew?

Use  #batashoemuseum

Facebook: @batashoemuseum Twitter:@batashoemuseum Instagram: @batashoemuseum

Fishd By EDO

instagram/twitter/facebook: @fishdbyedo



Provided $15 coupon which we will be giving to the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 prize pack

Storia PR Inc.

Facebook: @yogenfruz Twitter: @yogenfruz Instagram: @yogenfruz 


StoriaPR-250x88Delegates are especially advised to seek out and introduce themselves to Daphna and Karen Nussbaum from Storia PR in Toronto. These ladies are part of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada experience. They will be boosting our social media and I really appreciate them helping boost us all over social media!

Facebook: @storiapr  Twitter: @storiapr Instagram: @storiapr 


Miss Teenage South Western BC

Written by: Madison

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