What a day it has been today, the sun was shining and it was the perfect time to go outside.      As my blog title already explains, today was all about supporting Fort McMurray. Did you know the satellites can see the fire all the way from space? How crazy is that! 88,000 people have been evacuated safely and I pray this wildfire can be stopped. This is a time where we all must come together to support each other.

Five other BC titleholders and I banded together to make this fundraiser happen. We bought Krispy Kreme Donuts and sold them out front of a grocery store. The reaction we got was better than I could’ve imagined and we raised nearly a thousand dollars after just only four hours outside. We started at 10am and finished just after 2pm. I was so proud of all our hard work today, it really made me feel good to take part in this fundraising. Doing things for my community always seems to put me in a better mood and afterwards I feel so refreshed. Spending time with the other girls outside of our competition was a great experience and it really allowed me to get to know them better. Today I felt a lot closer to them than before and moving forward to nationals I’m rooting for all of them.

We broke for a short lunch break in which I tried some amazing teriyaki chicken, rice and a salad. I’d never tried it before and it was recommended to me by one of the other girls. I gave it a try as I enjoy trying different foods. After the short lunch break we continued on fundraising. And not to mention we took some cute polaroid pictures. 13239125_1571386969825706_2623147766774404348_n 13227071_1571386823159054_50316946706563741_n 13174052_1571386946492375_415395044564301188_n

My hope is that our money can really make a big difference for Fort McMurray and help in fighting the wildfires all over Alberta.

Written by: Madison

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