My journey as Miss Teen South Western BC has been simply unforgettable. I think the world may not realize that there is a whole lot of work that goes into being a public figure, even if it is a beauty queen. There is so much more that represents the sash and crown. The tiara is beautiful, and the self discipline to carry the title has educated me in more ways than one towards the whole world of beauty pageants.

As a contestant in the Miss Teen Canada World pageant you have to be willing to work very hard at representing your title and your platform in a wholesome and positive way. We are expected to reach out to corporate sponsors, to community events and happenings, and use our initiatives all the time. We are required to represent our platform and image at the highest standard at all times. The many many telephone calls, emails, meetings and appointments involved in reaching platform goals as well as fundraising for free the children has been a great deal of time, energy and countless hours of effort. The blogs have been fun to do, allowing me the creativity to simply be colourful with topics, writing, video shooting, video editing and so much more.

I enjoyed every person that I have met as my reign as Miss Teen Canada SW BC, and i look forward to meeting so many more in the months ahead. I especially enjoyed working on the projects for free the children fundraising that included my one sponsor focused to drive change in third world countries.

I enjoyed wearing, and will enjoy wearing the gorgeous Brandy Melville designs. They gave me a major social shout out which gave me over twelve thousand likes. It was surreal and amazing, they have been so awesome to me, I will always be your brandy babe!

I enjoyed meeting all the little princess’s out on a date with their dads up in Whistler. I tried to visit all of my towns that I represented. I enjoyed Kamloops so much, and of course love Burnaby and Vancouver. I enjoyed more than 50 hours of volunteering at the annual teen and youth outreach in Chiliwack. After meeting the mayor of Burnaby and connecting with the media and as many people that I had time too meet, I realized that there are definitely more hard worked hours involved than making appearances whereby the public may think all we do is appearing at places to be the bell of the ball. Although I did feel like that when I sat in the back of a convertible waving to thousands and thousands of happy Canadians on Canada Day Parade.

The memories created in reaching this very moment have been amazing. Dreamy. Although I feel the real dream has just begun. At Vancouver Airport boarding my flight to Toronto and so excited to jet set away to the funniest and most exciting week of the entire MTCW pageant, Toronto week. Flying out with a group of people and so excited to just say, Bon voyage, this is it!!!

Written by: Trinity Stanley

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