I know this post is a bit late I am sorry but I wanted to retrieve a lot of photos which took a few days to gather from photographers. What brightens up a post more than some lovely photos? Now you may expect this blog post to be all about what Canada Day was like but I wanted to dig into it a little bit about not only the festivities on that day but what it is to be Canadian.

I myself come from a mixed background, my father is Jamaican and my mother is Scottish. What I love so much about Canada is that whether or not you were born here you are always welcome, and when you’re here you’re Canadian. I love the fact that there is something for everyone here, for example if you’re into surfing we have our beaches. If you like a scenic winter wonderland we have our beautiful mountains and busy cities parallel to our forests that make you feel as if you’re the only person on Earth.

Canada is beautiful not only in the way that I get to enjoy all four seasons but also it’s people. It doesn’t matter what your race, culture or religion is, you’re welcomed with open arms.¬†And of course there are the stereotypes where everyone says eh, and enjoy maple syrup showers. But we are so much more than that, on Canada Day I was downtown and hundreds of thousands of people were there celebrating our country. I met lots of people, specifically a couple from Europe who said how much they loved Canada and it made me feel proud.

Myself and other BC delegates took part in the Canada Day parade. We waved to the crowd, and blew kisses as the crowd clapped and waved and some even blew kisses back haha! At the Hats Off Day Parade I had a guy ask me to dab from the crowd and again it happened during this parade. There were many photos taken with all sorts of people on Canada Day, some of my favourites were stormtroopers. Despite the us being in the parade for over half an hour it felt like only a few minutes. I wanted to rewind time and do it over again. I had never seen so many people, the streets were overwhelmed with people. It was probably one of my favourite moments in my life. Never had I felt so proud and loved. That Canada Day will not be forgotten for many years to come. It was so memorable and every step towards Miss Teenage Canada has been so unique and amazing.


There have been so many amazing moments for far with all sorts of people. I love our country! Thank you for the opportunity that Miss Teenage Canada has given me, I couldn’t have done all these amazing events without your support.13615208_244154839300927_2113662679278647674_n13592724_244155249300886_4018548265189267467_n 13528823_244160945966983_2430643821109681074_nUntitled

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC

Written by: Madison

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