Hello, I’m Crystal Li from Vancouver, BC!

Recently, I was selected to be in the regional competition of the Miss Teen British Columbia – World pageant, where I placed in the top 15. I was crowned Miss Teen South Western British Columbia, representing not only the city I live in, but all of the surrounding areas. It is my honor to be given this title, and I hope to make my community proud when I head off to nationals in Toronto this July! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful friends and family for their continual support through my journey in MTC-W!

A little bit about me… =)

Currently, I am studying at the University of British Columbia in the Sauder School of Business. On my free time, I like to contribute to my school and community through extra-curricular activities and volunteering. I was awarded with the outstanding service gold medallion in high school.  I love to dance, hot yoga, and play badminton. Also, I like to play various team sports for fun. I’m very interested in cooking and baking because I enjoy eating and trying new foods. Since I love to be involved in many different things, I’m thankful for my time management skills that have helped me to balance out the many aspects of my busy life! Living a well balanced lifestyle that includes fitness activities and eating nutritiously is very important to me, which is why I chose healthy living as my platform for the MTC-W pageant!

Miss Teen British Columbia – World. This introductory post is sponsored by modern outdoor furniture retailer Velago Patio Furniture and a Toronto roofing company.

More to come throughout this year of my reign! ♥

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