One of the blogging assignments for MTC-W is to create our own TV show!

If I had the opportunity to create my own TV show, my goal would be to produce a leisure program that would entertain viewers of all ages while allowing me to incorporate my interests of traveling, healthy living, trying new activities, exploring different types of cuisine, fashion design, hair styling, and makeup artistry. My show will be named Trendy Hits. As the host, I will be wearing products from sponsoring companies, scavenging for hot new trends around the city and introducing my finds on every episode each week!

The co-stars on Trendy Hits will be different each week depending on the places I visit and the activities I participate in. Aspiring Hair Stylists from Aveda Institute and Make-up Artists from MAC Cosmetics also have the opportunity to come on my show and host a demonstrations of simple tutorials using me as their model. Trendy Hits is best suited to be broadcasted on CityTV, since my show is dedicated to introducing fun activities around the City for the audience. The reason why I chose Friday morning is because I hope that my show will be a bright way to celebrate the last day of the work/school week and provide ideas to help people plan for the upcoming weekend!

Trendy Hits

Each episode of my show is half an hour and spilt into segments. I will be covering three topics each time:

  1. Traveling/Sightseeing/Activities/Festivals – Trendy Hits will begin with an introduction of what’s hot going around town. This may include showing new attractions, shops, and current events. As my show gets bigger, I hope to expand beyond my city and travel to cities across Canada looking for trends  to show my audience. Special episodes sponsored by S-Trip will feature places around the world.
  2. Food/Healthy Living – To appeal to viewers who also enjoy enjoying eating trying different kinds of foods like me, I will be showing interesting places to eat, particularly with a focus on healthy choices to help promote my platform of healthy living, give my critique on the foods I try, at everywhere from food trucks to fancy restaurants. Sometimes instead of dining out, to give some variety, I may do cooking demonstrations introducing interesting good-for-you recipes and fun ideas for party hosting.
  3. Style Guide – When Me to We Style produces a new collection, I will be one of the first to show viewers what’s new through previews of the collection on this section and the outfits I wear in each episode. This portion will also be sponsored by Aveda Institute or MAC Cosmetics where either company will provide a tutorial of hair and makeup trends suitable for current weather, season, events, etc. An example could be showing how to use new products from Goody such as the “Wave Creator” perfect for creating summer beach waves.

After each episode, viewers have the opportunity to rank the episode and provide feedback, and suggestions for what and where they would like to see me next. All submissions will be entered into draws for coupons from Me to We Style, prizes from Goody (hair accessories) and Cheeky Monkey (nail polish).

To encourage a subscribed weekly audience, there will be a monthly bonus draw for viewers who submit feedback every episode of the month. The bonus draw will be bigger prizes such as gift cards and/or coupons for Aveda Institue, MAC,  and Me to We Style. A yearly grand prize draw will be held and the winner will win a trip with S-Trip.

Hope that this sounds like an interesting show! I look forward to opportunities in the future that will allow me to be involved in programs similar to my Dream TV Show, Trendy Hits!


Sponsor Details

Learn more about the companies that are sponsoring Trendy Hits!

Aveda Institute

“Aveda is more than products and the salon/spa experience, it’s a lifestyle. Founded in 1978, Aveda is an environmental leader, producing high-performing products sourced from organic and natural derivatives. Aveda’s philosophy of wellness, healing and social responsibility sets them apart from other beauty brands. Beauty is as Beauty Does.”

MAC Cosmetics
“Professional makeup artist quality cosmetics. Offering more than 100 shades for eyes, lips and face…everything a makeup addict can’t live without.”

Me to We Style
“Me to We Style is a new social enterprise that is committed to providing ethically manufactured, quality apparel for the socially-conscious consumer. Our product line is domestically produced, sweatshop-free and made using certified organic cotton and viscose from bamboo.  50 per cent of profit goes to Free The Children, to support development projects in rural and impoverished areas across the globe.” Free the Children is also MTC-W’s charity partner, learn more about my fundraisers in my blog.


“Goody Products has spent the last century delivering innovative styling tools and fashionable hair accessories to women everywhere, so they can look and feel good about their hair without compromising style, quality, value or comfort. Inspired by the latest trends and innovative technologies, Goody brings you revolutionary styling lines and accessory collections from the patented Ouchless® Flex flexible hair accessories to the Slide-Proof Hold™ feature in Goody StayPut®”

Cheeky Monkey
“We believe all women should feel free to express their personal edginess. You work hard, make responsible choices and embrace life to the fullest. Cheeky Monkey cosmetics are environmentally safe and 3 Free healthy. They are edgy and fun, but above all, high quality. Just like the women who wear them.”

“At S-Trip! we are dedicated to offering the highest quality, educational trip programs for youth and students. We work tirelessly to provide life changing, innovative, educational travel experiences that facilitate global understanding, cultural enrichment, and personal development.”

Thank you to these companies for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada – World 2012 Pageant!!

– Crystal Li, Miss Teen South Western British Columbia – World 2012


Written by: Crystal Li

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    a trendy traveling variety show ! Good work and thanks for sharing this Crystal

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