I had the opportunity to be invited to meet Mark Trotzuk, CEO of Boardroom Eco Apparel. Mark sponsored me a line of athletic wear. I got a first hand tour of his downtown Vancouver facility, and he also shared with me the many opportunities that have been created in less fortunate countries when he created this line of eco apparel.

His videos were simply mind opening when we took the time to watch them. His factory and facilities overseas have opened up job opportunities and so much more for their local and respective communities.

This is from his catalogue, and definitely worth scanning and checking out all the scan codes, this will show you what he has done, and all the more plans he has in creating an Eco friendly environment all around in the way we live. He believes we can have a greener earth and our athletic wear should play an equally big part of it.

Mark took the time to explain the education process behind recycling coke bottles and the specific grading that bottles and plastics need in order to be recycled.

He went over the local savings that he has had in favour of our environment as well as the opportunity to reduce any wastage to landfills.

He explained the impact that this has on our environment and most importantly on the next emerging generation, which is my generation, youth! I got to learn the companies rich history and view all their personalized and branded products. The recycling process intrigued me, so I thought worth sharing.


Check out this short video, and thanks to Mark & Eco Apparel for sponsoring me amazing workout clothes that are packed in my bag and heading to Toronto!


Written by: Trinity Stanley

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