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I am trying to blog as much as I possibly can to connect with all of you lovelies!

Today for St. Patrick’s Day I spent the day celebrating with my family. I am very proud of my Irish heritage! My mom was actually born in Belfast, in Ireland. 


To start our day we went bowling at the Zone Bowling in Coquitlam! Turns out I am not very good (shhh don’t tell anyone I told you).  Am I the only one who finds bowling shoes adorable?





My mom ended up winning our game of bowling which is quite funny. My sister and I always try our best to win but got gutter ball after gutter ball. My mom just dropped the ball in the middle and let it roll slowly to the end and it worked every time!



After dinner we went over to a field nearby, and played soccer. My Dad, sister and I kicked the ball around while my mom walked our dog Scooter. Wow, was I tired after that! But being active with my family was an amazing way to spend the rest of St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope all of you had an amazing St. Patrick’s Day as well! Let me know what you did to celebrate in the comments!

Your Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia, Kayla

“Hence I cannot be silent, and indeed I not ought to be, about the many blessings and the great grace which the Lord has bestowed upon me” – Saint Patrick

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