My day started bright and early with the Hats Off Day Parade. By 7am I was on the road to meet the other titleholders of 2016. We met at a beautiful library a few minutes away from the parade and decorated our float. We had a jungle themed float and we wore green dresses. By 9am we were lined up for the parade. There were so many cool floats from bands to guys on mini bikes. We were the 31st spot out of 42 floats. By 10am floats were assembling and heading out to greet the eager crowd. (I was inhaling my muffin just before we went out lol) and let me tell you I wasn’t the most graceful.

The Hats Off Day took place in Burnaby and I loved seeing all the volunteers and the community itself coming together to make a great day for everyone. Seeing people help each other whether it was from putting together costumes or helping people find their place in line was great. The ringette team who were behind us were a bunch of sweethearts, and they loved our crowns.

We entered the parade and it lasted for well over half an hour. We waved and smiled and there were many smiles and waves back to us. Also a lot of “look they’re princesses!” The crowd was so sweet to us and many photos were taken. We heard “ooo’s and awe’s,” too. It was such a weird but great feeling to be in the back of a pick-up truck. Also I wanted to mention the group on the side who told me to dab, it was hilarious! Further up a kid saw what happened and asked me to dab again. I couldn’t stop laughing, everyone at the parade was so nice especially the people who came to watch.

It has been a hot weekend here in BC, and we had to make sure to be well hydrated because nothing is worse than getting heat stroke. We finished the parade and we all discussed the plan for Canada Day which was going to be amazing. We would be in two parades that day! After we talked all us girls went our separate ways. I was tired, the Sun defiantly drained my energy.


I then went on to go talk with my newest sponsor. Thank you Pink Lime Hair Salon, all of you are like my second family. My mom has been going there even when I was in her belly and I’ve grown up going to that salon. It’s great to see them support me in my journey to Miss Teenage Canada.

Thank you for reading my post. Enjoy your sunny weekend everyone, summer is right around the corner.

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC

Written by: Madison

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