Hi, my name is Madison and I’m the new Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia winner.  What a journey this has been, every step of the way has taught me something new and made me so brave. Whether it was from fund-raising or walking onto the stage for the first time, I felt like I came out of my shell. I’m excited to get involved with the MTC organization and attend events as well as continue fund-raising. I feel like I am so lucky!  How many people my age get such a great opportunity to really get involved in their community and talk about what they’re so passionate about?


The night I won, was a very special moment. My sister, who is special needs, was cheering as I presented my platform and was so shocked that I spoke about her. She felt so special that afterwards she said to my mom “can you tell me heart is bigger? it is because it’s full of love!”. That meant so much to me! She’s my motivation and the foundation of my platform of children with special needs. Meeting all the girls showed me that just like me, they were all passionate about being part of their community.

I’m excited to travel to Toronto for nationals and to meet all the other girls. I look forward to forming new friendships and learning about their platforms. I’m would love to get involved with the other girls platforms and hopefully inspire some of them to become involved in mine.


My sister, Jada, and I. <3

Written by: Madison

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