So here it is, my first post as Miss Teen SWBC!!!                                                 AHHH!! This is extremely exciting, yet kind of nerve racking at the same time! This whole adventure has just been a roller coaster ride full of mixed emotions! It had started on the first day of  our regional competition.. with-

  • My birthday, {yay}
  • Full day of high heels {ow}
  • Swimsuit judging {woohoo}
  • Personal interview’s {EXCITING!}
  • Show rehearsals {uh oh}
  • Gorgeous ladies surrounding me {yeeeeah buddy}

And so on… so on… Haahaha, but obviously none of it is negative! Actually, all of this has been a huge blessing for me. I am 100000% grateful for everything i’ve been able to do with all of the support from family, friends, and my mum&dad. So may I say thank you to everyone who’s standing by my side along this journey to greater things! 🙂 Although, I know there are a few other people reading this.. who might not quite know me– or at all! Which is ok, because this is why we get blogs! It enables us to share our exciting stories&events with others. It’s all just one big adventure ! That you guys will be taking with me, haha. So tag along with my upcoming posts- and info, and you’ll be sure not regret it. 😉

 xoxo,  Trinity


Written by: Trinity Stanley

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