My platform has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people. I leave for Toronto in a few days now and as I look back, I reflect on all I did over this past year to help with my platform.

  • Special Needs Christmas Hamper
  • Going to a special needs track meet
  • Going to visit the BASES program with my little sister
  • Meeting with families
  • Visiting a therapeutic riding facility called PRDA
  • Variety Children’s Charity
  • Princess Party (taking place in August)

It’s been an honour to be apart of all these events and even more so having the opportunity to meet some inspiring people. I loved every second of it, and helping others put a smile on my face.

Why did you chose your platform? 

I chose my platform because my little sister has special needs and I’ve always looked out for her. Family is everything to me and I am so close with them all. Jada, my sister, has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and an severe learning disability. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d always looked out for my little sister and had been a fierce protector of her while she was at school. Jada has always meant the world to me and even though she looks up to me I look up to her too. She’s taught me patience, compassion and how strong the emotion of love can be because she really inspired me to do this. Before I was leaving the morning to go compete in Miss Teenage BC that day Jada said “you can do it, Madison!” And that really spurred me on, I want to show my sister that if you put your mind to it anything is possible. Even when I spoke about her on stage she told my mum while I was speaking about her that she felt like her heart grew bigger and she loved me so much.

What change do you wish to see for your platform?

As a little kid, labels aren’t something you’re born with saying they’re taught to you. For special needs kids I feel like a label is put on them that means “they’re different.” I want that label to be ripped off so there is no exclusion of any child. I noticed this trend in elementary school with my sister where she maybe got invited to one birthday party and even when she went she told me that she felt left out and other kids weren’t playing with her. No one should ever feel this way and I want to see that change in the future. I don’t blame this on anyone but how they were taught. I want to educate children and adults alike about special needs kids.

What will you do? 

I would want to start with schools first off and hold presentations in schools about special needs kids. I would educate them on how to accept those who are different from them. This is beneficial in the long run because it teaches children compassion, patience and acceptance which is beneficial for any child. I also want to raise awareness by speaking out about places like PRDA that offer therapeutic riding. These are hard spots to find and I want to promote these facilities because horseback riding is not only good for special needs kids but great for teens or adults who want to get exercise and also for those who just want a good friend. Spending time with horses has so many benefits, they’re similar to therapeutic dogs. I also want to speak about local charities in the area so anyone can offer a helping hand.

See you in a few days Toronto! <3

Thank you for reading this.

Dedicated to: Jada

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC




Written by: Madison

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