This topic, sexism in sports is something that is present in our media and culture. In recent times sexism has been brought further into the spotlight, recently with Emma Watson’s speech and campaign called HeForShe with the UN. Due to the fact that sexism is a very broad topic I have decided to narrow my report to sexism and inequality in sports.
I have experienced sexism in sports first hand, having played and been around soccer my whole life and it greatly bothers me. Having been well-versed in this aspect questions as well as great deals of frustration have been created. Such questions have resonated in my mind for years with each issue arising and developing causing greater frustration. While I was researching I found that sexism in sports not only happens to the players who play the sport, but the coaches, staff, and reporters as well.
I want our world to be a place where there is equality among the genders, especially in sports which has been mainly dominated by males for such a long time.
While I was trying to get involved I saw that there are not many programs aimed at bringing equality within sports. So, if I was to become Miss Teenage Canada I would begin my own initiative program, that would start in local clubs. It would be a program that would break down what it means to “play like a girl,” and would change how the kids look at it. After all, if we teach the children what equality in sports looks like then they will reciprocate the teachings onto the next generation and it will start a beautiful chain reaction.
I have already spoken at a coaches’ meeting for West Coast Auto Group Football Club and would love to continue to work with sports clubs to break down these gender related barriers that we have put up. Also when i appeared on “That Talk Show” where I spoke about my platform, I had the opportunity to meet Bob Lenarduzzi who is a highly influential coach and soccer player. It would be of the uptmost importance to contact him and crest a program. However I don’t want to just talk, I want to be actively involved. I would love to coach a team of girls and be able to give them all the opportunities that are available to boys, and push them to a higher standard of playing that is often more so expected of males.

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