Our marketing company can help move your customers to not only think out of the box but also make decisions that impact lives. On a daily basis, people find themselves multitasking and at the end of the day, they have a lot on their plate.

At TCS marketing we focus on the customers satisfaction and return business. Our one on one approach is personal and individualized to meet our clients as well as their clients 100% satisfaction. TCS propose the following marketing plan and treatments solution for the personalized bath towel.

Abstract overview

The importance of sending the right message to the right person and at the right time is so important in today’s fast paced lifestyle. The instant world has no boundaries. You can shop at anytime and anywhere. The reality is that instant living is available to everyone, and we need to make decisions on how the instant messaging and social connections dominate, and impact business’s that operated in a totally different way in the past. The new way of doing things, including marketing, are important to consider when hiring a marketing company with a easy budget of $250k.

In my TV commercial treatment plan to personalize towels, we propose a television commercial targeted toward youth and young adults. Eventually the target reach will get to all demographics but understanding that we live in instant times with a social network driven world, I have decided to make the target demographic the ones that will determine our future. In mapping out this visual conceptual idea of the marketing of personalized towels, I propose that we create a TV commercial that is visual enough to inspire every viewer.


Intro, outline & visual of TV commercial/ad


Scene 1 – intro

An active teenage girl receives a gift from her parents. The video team shoots a slender athletic figure in yoga attire, and give the image of a well-grounded family, that has everything under control. Peaceful. Quiet. Together. The box is unique and beautifully wrapped in a satin ribbon. She opens the box to a gift that instantly lights up her face. This moment in time, changed the ordinary into extra-ordinary!

Scene 2 – details

As she unwraps the beautiful box and ribbon, she smiles as she takes out her gift.

There are sets of uniquely designed bath towels that have her identify all over them.

Each towel has an embroidered letter that creates her name. This is her signature. Her identity, and who she represents everyday. She takes the towels out one by one embracing their softness, and the video capture her saying, “soft, personal, my towel!” She knows the significance that the unique color (her parents chose),

the detailed embroidery (that the personally selected) and everything about this personal and life long gift that she will always have in her life. She has a sweet tenderness toward her, but reality sets in, she shares a bathroom with two brothers, and her own identify can be easily lost. Her actions say that she wants to take control of this situation, especially now that she has her own towels.


Scene 3 – action

She goes to the bathroom and does an instant spring clean. All old bath towels are thrown into her brother’s laundry basket. She spring cleans the bathroom and proudly displays her items on the racks. These are her necessities, but maybe also a part of New York Fashion week. She feels special, as if she has a designer collection of her own. Although, she is not diva, she knows the difference between high maintenance and down right basic concerns with hygiene! Her towels affect her body and her skin, so she is passionate about the exclusivity of her own towels. It is not only hygienic, it is her own line! There is a video shot of her standing in her clinically clean bathroom (which she cleaned) to showcase her new personalized bath towels.


Scene 4 – next steps

The scene then moves to her high school environment.

In her locker room experience, she is faced with a confrontation that ends up with a high school musical dance sequence. Read on…

She is just done Physical Education, (yea right, who uses that these days, I mean PE;) she is hot and sweaty like all the other students, and she is just fed up of not being able to show, or even worse, showering and not knowing where your towel is? She decides to show them her personalized towel, which creates a lot of interest and now what seems to be a great demand!


Scene 5 – sharing the brand

The camera zooms in on her name, the quality of the towel and how soft it is against her skin. Her body language says this towel is me. It represents me. Her friends at school start creating a circle around her, they seem really engaged. She now sees herself in the middle of the circle, maybe allowing herself to be the ringleader!


Scene 6 – the truck

There is a shot of a long, and very big truck that has just pulled up to the front doors of the school. The truck is branded with personalized towels all over it; it is a personalized towels truck. The doors to the truck open and out run and four personalized towel staff members wearing personalized towels t-shirts. Their hands are full of a mixture of towels and gift boxes from personalized towels.


Scene 7 – bringing the commercial to a point

The camera has a wide angle of the group of high school students exiting the doors, dancing running towards the personalized towel staff and truck. They meet up with them, receiving these free towels and gift. They are full of excitement, smiling, laughing, and jumping for joy.

They have now formed a circle around our starring actress that is center of the circle and in her ringleader position again.


Scene 8 – the punch line

The camera zooms in on her, and she quiets down. She pulls out her cell phone. Close up shot of her doing this with a smirk on her face, a smirk that suggests, I have news for the world, and they need to share it. She texts, and camera gets a close up of her screen, it reads:


This is my towel. It’s now or never-



She highlights the all-social feeds on her cell phone and hits send.

At this point, the camera has a bird eye view angle of all the kids whipping out their cell phones and basically doing the same thing, networking this news with all their social feeds.


Scene 9 – the call to action

The scene of the group of kids all texting the news about them receiving a personalized towel fades away into a black screen with white writing at the bottom right. Text is large and visible enough for all viewers of the commercial to read. The words:


“TEXT the words

Personalized Towel

To 966888 and enter to win your own free set of towels”


This is a call to action for the demographic we are targeting. In the budget below, we accommodate for the ongoing monitoring of your commercial online and in the market place. The commercial is intended to bring you new business and online business that is growing. As we collect the cell numbers into our database, we are able to build your clients for all future marketing campaigns and efforts. This is a great way to build forward and also monitor our efforts and impact of our work in designing your TV commercial.


The timeline:


-7-21 days of preparation for casting, propos, planning for video shoot

-2 days shooting bedroom bathroom beginning scene

-3 days shooting high school scene with truck delivery

-3 days video editing

-1 day final product review, branding and deliver



The budget:

Cost Description
$50/hr. 8 hrs/day x 5 = $2000 Lead actress 5 days of shooting
$25/hr. 8 hrs/day x 3 days = $600Times 15 (female actresses) = $9000 Female actresses
$25/hr. 8 hrs/day x 3 days = $600Times 15 (male actresses) = $9000 Male actressesWill use one for driving the truck
$15/hr. 8 hours. 1 day only x 4 actors for the personalized towel staff sceneTotal = $480 Personalized towel actors
$1500/day x 2 = $3000 Set for bedroom/bathroom scene
$2500 AMRO fees to use a song
$12500 Catering actors and crew for full period
$7500 per day x 5 = $37,500 Production crew
$7500 Casting agency fee
$5500 Truck rental(Branding for truck will be done with digital technology at time of editing)
$35k Editing team
$25k TCS Marketing fee
$20k Text software for campaign


Basic outline total is $168 980.00 leaving wiggle room for the variables that will come up. We suggest keeping an additional $25k for the ongoing online marketing we would like to do in the texting campaign and data gathering and monitoring.


We highly recommend a $25k website revamp to keep it fresh and innovative.


Please contact me should you have any questions or enquiries.


Trinity C Stanley

Executive at TCS Marketing






Written by: Trinity Stanley

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