It’s a sunny day here in BC so anyone whose in doors come on out and get some sun. My plans for the next hour is to go on a run and then come home and make a smoothie. Yum!

Speaking of that, let’s get to today’s blog post. Things you may want to know about you’re Miss Teenage South Western BC. I have had many questions about my pageant and my experience so far, which by the way has been one of the best experiances of my life. Maybe it’s time to get to know me and what I do and enjoy outside of my fancy dresses and crowns.

I love being outdoors. It boosts my mood and the smell of fresh air is amazing. My province is beautiful. <3

I love art and drawing, I publish some of my works on an app called Wattpad that millions use. I’ve had thousands of readers, and I love every one of them.

I love my family so much. They’ve always been so supportive of me through everything I’ve done. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are the most important people to me and I cherish them.

My dream is to become a doctor one day and be apart of Doctor’s Without Boarders and help people in other countries.

My favourite food is ANYTHING with cheese. I used to cut huge chunks of cheese and eat it by itself because I loved it so much. I know I’m weird lol!

My least favourite food is peppers, even the smell of them is enough to make my stomach churn.

I’m an avid reader, I read 300 page books in a day. I’ve always been very speedy with my reading. I read every morning before I get ready for school and before bed. It helps wake me up and at night help me fall asleep

I’ve always been a West Coast girl.

I love working out. Being comfortable in you’re own skin and doing good things for your body keeps you healthy and happy.

I am very hygienic, I can’t sleep unless my teeth are brushed and I have washed my face.

If you see me wearing a necklace, it’s always stones. They’re beautiful to me, and I have a collection of them.

Speaking of collections, it’s hard for me to let go of anything. I’m highly sentimental. Even a shirt from when I was 9 years old somehow has value in my life. How I’m not sure but I can’t let it go just yet. It needs to stay in my closet for just one more year. I’m sure all those who are sentimental can agree with me.

If you asked me my top 5 places I would like to visit in my lifetime it would be Italy, Scotland (I am half Scottish) *cues bagpipes*, Bahamas, Thailand because I’ve always wanted to visit their elephant sanctuary, and Greece!

I am in loved with horses, I used to be a competitive rider for several years before school became my priority. They are beautiful creatures, and I still miss riding now.

My background is mixed, I am half Jamaican, and half Scottish and let me tell you the cuisine from both cultures is phenomenal.





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My day started bright and early with the Hats Off Day Parade. By 7am I was on the road to meet the other titleholders of 2016. We met at a beautiful library a few minutes away from the parade and decorated our float. We had a jungle themed float and we wore green dresses. By 9am we were lined up for the parade. There were so many cool floats from bands to guys on mini bikes. We were the 31st spot out of 42 floats. By 10am floats were assembling and heading out to greet the eager crowd. (I was inhaling my muffin just before we went out lol) and let me tell you I wasn’t the most graceful.

The Hats Off Day took place in Burnaby and I loved seeing all the volunteers and the community itself coming together to make a great day for everyone. Seeing people help each other whether it was from putting together costumes or helping people find their place in line was great. The ringette team who were behind us were a bunch of sweethearts, and they loved our crowns.

We entered the parade and it lasted for well over half an hour. We waved and smiled and there were many smiles and waves back to us. Also a lot of “look they’re princesses!” The crowd was so sweet to us and many photos were taken. We heard “ooo’s and awe’s,” too. It was such a weird but great feeling to be in the back of a pick-up truck. Also I wanted to mention the group on the side who told me to dab, it was hilarious! Further up a kid saw what happened and asked me to dab again. I couldn’t stop laughing, everyone at the parade was so nice especially the people who came to watch.

It has been a hot weekend here in BC, and we had to make sure to be well hydrated because nothing is worse than getting heat stroke. We finished the parade and we all discussed the plan for Canada Day which was going to be amazing. We would be in two parades that day! After we talked all us girls went our separate ways. I was tired, the Sun defiantly drained my energy.


I then went on to go talk with my newest sponsor. Thank you Pink Lime Hair Salon, all of you are like my second family. My mom has been going there even when I was in her belly and I’ve grown up going to that salon. It’s great to see them support me in my journey to Miss Teenage Canada.

Thank you for reading my post. Enjoy your sunny weekend everyone, summer is right around the corner.

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC

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It was a beautiful sunny day to go watch my little sister compete in her track meet this week. I thought it was a great opportunity to come out a support my platform. It was a day full of laughs, friends and some awesome running! My little sister won so many ribbons.



and I couldn’t be any more proud of her. Lilly, my sister’s best friend was also competing in the track meet. She did amazing, she’s like a little sister to me.

It made me smile when I watched my sister running for the finish line and as she ran by my parents, friends and I she looked at me and was waving. It was adorable and I even got a photo of it. My sister, Jada, always manages to put a smile on my face. Afterwards she came up to me and said her legs were shaking because she was running so fast. I was so proud of her for doing so many events that day. She went off with Lilly to buy Freezies and near the end all of the kids went onto the track where the organizers played music and all the kids were laughing and began dancing. Truly enjoying themselves. I love my platform and for what it represents, not only have I chosen this platform because I care so deeply about my sister but also because it taught me so many things. For example how to have patience and be compassionate and most of all how sweet someone (Jada) can be.


I love her and I am so proud of Lilly. They rocked it out there!






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What a day it has been today, the sun was shining and it was the perfect time to go outside.      As my blog title already explains, today was all about supporting Fort McMurray. Did you know the satellites can see the fire all the way from space? How crazy is that! 88,000 people have been evacuated safely and I pray this wildfire can be stopped. This is a time where we all must come together to support each other.

Five other BC titleholders and I banded together to make this fundraiser happen. We bought Krispy Kreme Donuts and sold them out front of a grocery store. The reaction we got was better than I could’ve imagined and we raised nearly a thousand dollars after just only four hours outside. We started at 10am and finished just after 2pm. I was so proud of all our hard work today, it really made me feel good to take part in this fundraising. Doing things for my community always seems to put me in a better mood and afterwards I feel so refreshed. Spending time with the other girls outside of our competition was a great experience and it really allowed me to get to know them better. Today I felt a lot closer to them than before and moving forward to nationals I’m rooting for all of them.

We broke for a short lunch break in which I tried some amazing teriyaki chicken, rice and a salad. I’d never tried it before and it was recommended to me by one of the other girls. I gave it a try as I enjoy trying different foods. After the short lunch break we continued on fundraising. And not to mention we took some cute polaroid pictures. 13239125_1571386969825706_2623147766774404348_n 13227071_1571386823159054_50316946706563741_n 13174052_1571386946492375_415395044564301188_n

My hope is that our money can really make a big difference for Fort McMurray and help in fighting the wildfires all over Alberta.

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Hi, my name is Madison and I’m the new Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia winner.  What a journey this has been, every step of the way has taught me something new and made me so brave. Whether it was from fund-raising or walking onto the stage for the first time, I felt like I came out of my shell. I’m excited to get involved with the MTC organization and attend events as well as continue fund-raising. I feel like I am so lucky!  How many people my age get such a great opportunity to really get involved in their community and talk about what they’re so passionate about?


The night I won, was a very special moment. My sister, who is special needs, was cheering as I presented my platform and was so shocked that I spoke about her. She felt so special that afterwards she said to my mom “can you tell me heart is bigger? it is because it’s full of love!”. That meant so much to me! She’s my motivation and the foundation of my platform of children with special needs. Meeting all the girls showed me that just like me, they were all passionate about being part of their community.

I’m excited to travel to Toronto for nationals and to meet all the other girls. I look forward to forming new friendships and learning about their platforms. I’m would love to get involved with the other girls platforms and hopefully inspire some of them to become involved in mine.


My sister, Jada, and I. <3

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Today was such a busy but fun filled day at nationals week in Toronto! We had many activities, one of which was stopping at an adorable food establishment in the shape of a van, hubcaps and all! The Richtree Market operates four different establishments all across Ontario. This lovely business sells burritos and tacos, as well

Shirley Cristina and I about to order tacos!

Shirley Cristina and I about to order tacos!

as soda in very cute and retro glass bottles. It is located in Eaton Centre in Toronto. While there I ordered the beef burrito which included inside cilantro lime rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and sour cream and cheese. Even if you’re a picky eater the staff are so friendly and accommodating and will be happy to make your taco or burrito just the way you like it! If you’re not a fan of beef there are also chicken, pork or vegetarian options. If this wasn’t enough for you to stop by, it gets better. The establishments use all fresh, natural, local and in season ingredients. Plus! Their meat is antibiotic and hormone free!
There are 82 of us Miss Teenage Canada delegates this year, so naturally we were prepared to wait a little while for our food, but WOW! Their service was so fast it was impressive! They may as well have had The Flash working in their kitchen! Even while their establishment has a retro vibe they are very up to date with technology. They were using touch tablets to take our orders which sped up the process even more! If you are a taco lover like me, stop by The Richtree Market for some amazing food. Or even if you have never tried tacos this is the right place to try them. “But what if it isn’t #TacoTuesday?” Everyday is Taco Tuesday at The Richtree Market!

Feel free to follow them on social media:
Twitter @RichtreeMarket
Instagram: @RichtreeMarket

Your Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia,

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This topic, sexism in sports is something that is present in our media and culture. In recent times sexism has been brought further into the spotlight, recently with Emma Watson’s speech and campaign called HeForShe with the UN. Due to the fact that sexism is a very broad topic I have decided to narrow my report to sexism and inequality in sports.
I have experienced sexism in sports first hand, having played and been around soccer my whole life and it greatly bothers me. Having been well-versed in this aspect questions as well as great deals of frustration have been created. Such questions have resonated in my mind for years with each issue arising and developing causing greater frustration. While I was researching I found that sexism in sports not only happens to the players who play the sport, but the coaches, staff, and reporters as well.
I want our world to be a place where there is equality among the genders, especially in sports which has been mainly dominated by males for such a long time.
While I was trying to get involved I saw that there are not many programs aimed at bringing equality within sports. So, if I was to become Miss Teenage Canada I would begin my own initiative program, that would start in local clubs. It would be a program that would break down what it means to “play like a girl,” and would change how the kids look at it. After all, if we teach the children what equality in sports looks like then they will reciprocate the teachings onto the next generation and it will start a beautiful chain reaction.
I have already spoken at a coaches’ meeting for West Coast Auto Group Football Club and would love to continue to work with sports clubs to break down these gender related barriers that we have put up. Also when i appeared on “That Talk Show” where I spoke about my platform, I had the opportunity to meet Bob Lenarduzzi who is a highly influential coach and soccer player. It would be of the uptmost importance to contact him and crest a program. However I don’t want to just talk, I want to be actively involved. I would love to coach a team of girls and be able to give them all the opportunities that are available to boys, and push them to a higher standard of playing that is often more so expected of males.

Your Miss Teenage South Western Britsh Columbia,



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Good evening everyone!

I am leaving for Toronto in just 5 DAYS!! Can you believe it?? The time has flown by, and the pageant is already here! Even though the pageant is just around the corner I just had to volunteer at least one more time! I had the honour of emceeing TeenFest at Country Fest this year. I even got to perform on the stage for 30 minutes.

Country Fest is an annual event that had everything this year from agricultural events, to live entertainment, to a blueberry festival, to a cat show, and even TeenFest. TeenFest

Katrina Becker-Gedge performing on the TeenFest stage

Katrina Becker-Gedge performing on the TeenFest stage

had their own section, with booths that would be useful to tweens and teens, and a stage that showcased teen talent. One of the amazing people that performed was Katrina Becker-Gedge, who is just 13 years old but has already done so much with her talent. Katrina placed in the Top 2 at the “Ottawa Blues Fest She’s the One Emerging Female Artist Competition,” as well as the Top 3 at “Ridge Meadows Got Talent.”

Jada Mckenzie-Moore belting out her song on the TeenFest stage

Jada Mckenzie-Moore belting out her song on the TeenFest stage

Another one of the amazing talents that TeenFest showcased was Jada Mckenzie-Moore. She has also accomplished so much for only being 15 years old. She has a very long list of top finishes in many talent competitions, too many to name! A few first place finishes were The Angel Awards 2014, Art Case Talent Show 2014, BC Junior Talent Search 2014, and International Village Talent Show. Both of these young ladies are forces to be reckoned with on the stage!


Performing at TeenFest.

Performing at TeenFest.

I also had the honour of performing on the TeenFest stage, where I determined what song I will be performing for the Gala night! All I am going to say is that I hope I get the same reaction to the song on Gala night that I did at Country Fest. What made my day was a cute elderly couple asking me to perform another song for them! It was the cutest thing that happened to me, and really brightened my week.

Meeting Dorothy Rouch!

Meeting Dorothy Rouch!

Before I left from volunteering, I had the chance to meet the oldest volunteer at Country Fest. Her name is Dorothy Rouch and she is 102 years old! She wore a sign that said “Centennial Senior Volunteer Diva,” as well as a feather boa and crown that was so cute! It was extremely inspirational to me that even now she is finding time in her life to volunteer for others. I hope that I can continue to volunteer throughout my life just like she has.


Your Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia,


           “If you can dream it you can do it”                                                                                          ~Walt Disney


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“Is it the swaying maple trees
Or the chilly winter breeze
That makes us Canadian?
The pucks on the ice
The line in the water
Is this Canadian?Beaver
Is either the beaver 
Or the moose
Even the goose,
Making us Canadian?
Last time I recalled
That was not at all,
Making us Canadian.Canada Strong and Free
Being Canadian is an honour
Free country as they say.
We have rights,
Everyone does in Canada
Canada freeWe are more than a simple hello
Or a complicated goodbye
Canada is more than “eh”
Free range, ready to explore
Because in Canada your life is an open door.”
                                                                                                       -Avril Levins

While we are rightly glorified hockey champions, with Olympic medals this is not the mainCanada hockey reason why I am proud to be Canadian. Our diverse wildlife throughout the vast expanse land of Canada is impressive and quite captivating this is not the main reason why I am proud to be Canadian. Our pancakes and waffles may be the most tasty in the morning due to our flavourful maple syrup but this as well is not the main reason I am proud to be Canadian.

Canada mosaicThe fact that Canada is a beautiful colourful mosaic of people from different cultures and walks of life, that we openly accept is the reason why I am a proud Canadian. Without our accepting nature I may have not been in this country today. My mom immigrated into this gorgeous country from Ireland with her parents when she was a baby. Being a Canadian citizen I am not just allowed, but encouraged to be proud of both my Irish heritage, and of being a part of this glorious nation.  This accepting nature is what draws so many people into this great country, and makes them  wish to become Canadian citizens.

Canada is also known as a great humanitarian entity, which is another reason why I am a proud Canadian. Canada’s humanitarian assistance funds in 2013 is a mind blowing 5 billion USD. While we are mocked for saying sorry so much it speaks to our character, of being reflective modest people. Saying sorry has even been found to boost happiness and strengthen relationships.

Our great country is also a renowned country in the rights for everyone. In Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it is clear that every person in Canada genderequalityregardless of race, gender, age, religion, national or ethnic religion, or physical or mental disability is considered equal. Canada is a world leader in women’s rights, Canada was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the Convention of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women setting the bar internationally. Canada again set the bar high when they became the first country outside Europe and the fourth around the world to legalize same sex marriage in 2005.

If these reasons do not make you want to be Canadian take a look at a dominant figure in Terry FoxCanadian history, Terry Fox. This hometown hero who lived a city away from me in beautiful British Columbia is an inspiration to everyone. Terry’s dream was to run the Marathon of Hope, where he would run across Canada, from ocean to ocean in the hopes of raising money for cancer research which he had lost his leg to. Somehow Terry Fox remained cheerful and determined with a goal set in mind to help the lives of others. He ran an unimaginable average of 42 kilometers per day during his marathon of Hope, through all types of weather including wind, rain, and snow. Unfortunately Terry lost his life when the cancer came back in his lungs this time. He had not died in vain. Today this amazing young man is an inspiration to not just Canadians, but people all over the world. Terry had accomplished his goal of raising a dollar from every Canadian towards cancer research during his Marathon of Hope. His memory has not been forgotten and Terry Fox Runs are now held every September in Canada as well as in over 50 other countries. Terry’s story inspires all of us to become the best that we can be, realizing that anything is possible if we try hard enough.

These are the main reasons that I am a truly proud Canadian.

Canada is in no way “eh?” Canada is truly amazing.

Your Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia,


“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think is right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”                                                                                                                                       ~John Diefenbaker

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