Last week, I made another appearance at Richmond Music School to help host a few of the piano and violin concerts. There were a few hundred students performing throughout the day and it was a very fast paced show. I must say that all the students were fantastic and talented! Seeing them perform showed that all their hard work and effort put into their music studies allowed them to shine at the annual music concert. As a piano player myself, I remember those times feeling nervous before my turn at the recital, however I told myself it is no different than praciticing at home to overcome my fears. In the end, I loved the moment of being on stage.

Thank you note from the Principal

Very touched by these special words!

Further Remarks

Overall it was a great experience being the MC for a music concert for the first time! My only regret at this event was that I did not have the chance to take many pictures as it would interfere with the concerts. However, I did find a photo of myself preparing for my first piano recital performance when I was young to share with you all!


Written by: Crystal Li

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Well done Crystal. Interesting borders around pics. The words Richmond Music School should be a link to their website. Overall well done as usual.

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