Today was such a busy but fun filled day at nationals week in Toronto! We had many activities, one of which was stopping at an adorable food establishment in the shape of a van, hubcaps and all! The Richtree Market operates four different establishments all across Ontario. This lovely business sells burritos and tacos, as well

Shirley Cristina and I about to order tacos!

Shirley Cristina and I about to order tacos!

as soda in very cute and retro glass bottles. It is located in Eaton Centre in Toronto. While there I ordered the beef burrito which included inside cilantro lime rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and sour cream and cheese. Even if you’re a picky eater the staff are so friendly and accommodating and will be happy to make your taco or burrito just the way you like it! If you’re not a fan of beef there are also chicken, pork or vegetarian options. If this wasn’t enough for you to stop by, it gets better. The establishments use all fresh, natural, local and in season ingredients. Plus! Their meat is antibiotic and hormone free!
There are 82 of us Miss Teenage Canada delegates this year, so naturally we were prepared to wait a little while for our food, but WOW! Their service was so fast it was impressive! They may as well have had The Flash working in their kitchen! Even while their establishment has a retro vibe they are very up to date with technology. They were using touch tablets to take our orders which sped up the process even more! If you are a taco lover like me, stop by The Richtree Market for some amazing food. Or even if you have never tried tacos this is the right place to try them. “But what if it isn’t #TacoTuesday?” Everyday is Taco Tuesday at The Richtree Market!

Feel free to follow them on social media:
Twitter @RichtreeMarket
Instagram: @RichtreeMarket

Your Miss Teenage South Western British Columbia,

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