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In the heart of downtown Vancouver, there is marine life nestled in the center of the beautiful Stanley Park. This is where you find BC’s largest tourist attraction, the amazing Vancouver Aquarium. As you enter the doors of the hidden underworld, you feel the natural energies pulling you in. These stunning creatures cannot speak, but you can feel their connection as you start to explore the aquarium. The large and deep tank that greets you as you walk into the entrance of the aquarium is inviting enough to make you want to explore your bird’s eye view of what lays beneath it. You can see the movement of all shapes of creatures gliding through the waters in their unique and at times, tropical colors. They swim, and embrace their lives in their natural habitat, which is the deep blue, sees.

The Vancouver Aquarium is not only a tourist attraction like no other, but it ensures that the peaceful and natural habitat of the marine life is preserved and very well taken care of. For the thousands of visitors that visit it weekly, the marine life, staff and all the volunteers ensure that this is an amazing experience for the whole family. Every tank, and display of each habitat offers an exciting experience for visitors of all age groups. They have cared for and showcased over 50,000 animals from across the world.

There are shows that will take your breath away. Many of the animals have rescue stories, in the help of the aquarium’s search and rescue program. They are proud of their own accomplishments as they perform in their shows to please their audience. Recently there has been spotlight on the Penguins, the Beluga show is always a treat and can be viewed from the magnificent underwater viewing museum or above with raised seating and concession right there. The dolphin show is an amazing highlight, and detailed choreography of their performance is very visible as they perform to wow the crowds. You can spend hours sitting up close and personal with the reef sharks, and you can watch them get fed by a brave diver in all his gear. Their role in our eco system is powerful and impressive. This is a must see show at the aquarium. It is so exciting and surrounded by tanks of the most colorful fish you will ever see. The colors are radiant, and so bright. The shapes and size are beyond magnificent. Watching the otters is one of the most fun experiences. You get to see them eat treats off of their stomach. Otters are fun, cute and have a lot of playful energy.

In 2011 the Vancouver Aquarium rescued a porpoise, the experience was amazing and their cause to always reach and care for marine life is also one reason they are such a big tourist attraction. They have very cool footage on YouTube. They manage to bring the heartfelt connection out of all their visitors to the sea life that they have rescued and nurtured. At the Vancouver Aquarium you get to see some of these amazing animals too: Seals, ‘what the owl spat,’ the amazon birds, these birds radiate color.

You get to see beautiful butterflies that fly all around you as you walk through the sanctuary. The sloth, frogs, turtles, octopus, snakes, crocodilians, and the amazing CANADA’S ARTIC are tourist attractions not to be missed.

At the aquarium there is a family zone where younger children can role-play and explore a little more. They get to play with stuffed animals and create their own rescue center. For children and families wanting to take in a 4D movie together, there is that fun for the whole family. It is a wonderful experience to be watching the great white motor through the swells of the deep blue, and at the same time you feel the splashes of the water. The prickly feeling of the porcupine needles, and air puffs, vibrating chairs and the speakers in your chair, bring every sound to life. This is free and super fun for the whole family. The jellyfish tanks are not only educational but also somewhat mesmerizing when you stand in front of them, and get silenced by their movement, and beauty. A jelly is an invertebrate made up mostly of water, and has no heart, brain or bones. It is made up of 96 percent water, 3 percent protein and 1 percent minerals. And that fact I took from Aqua facts found on the aquarium’s website where students and all online browsers can search for further education on marine life and animals. – you may want to visit the jelly deli at the aquarium to see if this is a delicacy that you would enjoy, a show of education and tasting not to be missed!

The Vancouver Aquarium are always trying to find ways to try new things through their search and conservation programs called AquaVan where you can discover and explore the Canadian Arctic’s online. The Vancouver Aquarium offers it’s spectacular facility for pre-reserved birthday parties, corporate parties, weddings, family sleepovers, field trips and so much more.

The Vancouver Aquarium is a world beyond ours! The aquarium is accessible via bus transit, taxi, and bicycle if you are in downtown Vancouver or even a stroll through town and enter through Stanley Park. The signs for the aquarium are very visible throughout Stanley Park. There is ample parking if you go via car, and there are pay parking meters all over Stanley Park, simply enter your time required to stay and place your parking ticket on your dash board (cost starts from $2 to $3/hour depending the time of year). There are secure places to lock up your bicycle and there are parking stalls for motorized bikes. Please visit their website to view great details and tips for all visitors deciding to make a day trip to the Vancouver Aquarium.

The Vancouver Aquarium offer membership passes which always fast track you from the large line-ups to get in to see the exciting world of many wonders. You can also purchase your tickets online, so that you have them pre-booked. The address is 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC, V6G 3E2. The hours of operation are 9:30am – 6pm, 365 days per year.

Vancouver is my home and I have been a member at the Vancouver Aquarium for many years. I have seen visitors come from across the world to visit this colorful, magnificent tourist attraction for all ages, as Miss Teen Canada SWBC, I would recommend the Vancouver Aquarium as the number one tourist attraction in Vancouver.

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