A few days ago I got an amazing opportunity to go be a guest at the Sparkle Project. Myself and four other girls were sponsored to go which was lovely. We had a great time, from taking photos in the photo booth to having sweet desserts and enjoying the nice day. But what I really loved about the Sparkle Project was how inspiring it was, all these women and a few gentlemen in the crowd of course made it a really special afternoon. We heard from numerous empowering speakers on their battle and how the Sparkle Project has benefited them. Not only that but also how they’ve changed others and I was very inspired. At the end of that day I went home with a big smile on my face, and I felt so good. All these people came together to make it a perfect day.

There were silent auctions, and many other women selling things such as Stella and Dot. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, you’d be well-aware of my weakness for Stella jewellery. I made many friends and took photos will all sorts of people. Everyone there was so kind and uplifting; I couldn’t stop smiling.

What I learned from that day and one very truthful thing one woman spoke about is how in school we were taught everything from math to english and even on nutrition but no one ever taught us how to love ourselves. Really there is no manual or cookie cutter way to love who you are, it’s all completely up to you as a person. I think that really hit home for me because for many years, I found it hard to love myself. For years I had been bullied from elementary school and even onward to high school. It had made it difficult for me to look at myself and not see every imperfection. There was no book that you could open and at the end it was fixed. Many people my age struggled with the same problem, I knew of that because so many of my friends would confide in me about how they felt about themselves.

What the Sparkle Project showcases to be your own kind of beautiful, which is much like my motto I had put in when entering Miss Teenage Canada. No one’s the same and that’s what makes you just so much more amazing. We all have a quality that’s unique to us. A funny exercise that we had to do was to shut our eyes and imagine ourself in one word. We were all asked to shout out what word we thought best described us, mine for example was creative. Everyone’s word was different and that’s the beauty of it. It was proof that we were all unique.

After the event was over I felt amazing. I thanked Crystal the woman who organized the Sparkle Project for all she’d done and how hard she’s worked. It was an event that I hope to attend next year again and hopefully even bring some friends with me too.



There I am holding the sign of “be your own kind of beautiful.” I loved all the photos we took!

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC


Sponsors include: White Spot, South Surrey Smiles, BC Lions, Pink Lime Spa, Casbah Evolution

Written by: Madison

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