My beautiful province of British Columbia is located on the sunny coast of Canada. Today my post talks about one of my favourite places and a highly popular tourist destination. More than 52% of it’s residents have a first language other than English! So no matter what language you speak there’s guaranteed a person who you can communicate with. Vancouver was ranked the third ‘most livable city in the world’ and the 10th cleanest city in the world. I want to make today’s post interesting, and fun.

So I want to treat my reader as if they’ve never seen or visited our beautiful city. That bridge right there off in the distance is Burrard Bridge and one of the five bridges entering the city. The city is actually surrounded completely by water. The backdrop you see in that photo are the North Shore mountains which can be a treat to go skiing on in the winter.



This is Vancouver’s sunset in the summers


Summer is a time for people to be visiting the Sea Wall which people both walk and bike along during the summer. That photo right there is the Sea Wall. I love it and make sure to walk along it every summer.

Also don’t forget our beaches, which are full of sun tanners, beach volleyball players and runners. We are a very active city and no matter the weather we are always outdoors. We are ranked one of the fittest cities in Canada. One of my favourite beaches is the beach in English Bay where every year they hold a fireworks competition and this year Disney is coming to compete for team USA in the competition, I am defiantly marking my calendar for that spectacular event.

Another trademark of our city is Stanley Park, ranging over a 1000 acres, it’s larger than New York Central Park. It was named the top park in the ENTIRE world. The Seawall that I talked about earlier actually wraps around Stanley Park. Our Vancouver Aquarium is located in the park, beaches, restaurants and even a yacht club. There’s endless activities in the park. Right now on Tuesday’s they’re having outdoor movies held in the park that attract thousands!

outdoor-movies-984x500 Screen-Shot-2013-08-26-at-10.03.43-PM

Now one of my favourite things is food! I am a huge foodie and if it looks good and smells good I’ll try it. Vancouver has food from all points of the globe some of my favourites include Japanese in which I visit one the oldest restaurants in Vancouver called Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse. How cool is it for someone to cook in front of you? No wonder it’s been in the heart of Vancouver for well over 5o years.


Another spot I enjoy that’s particularly cute is called Cafe Crepe. It has food for all hours of the day from sweet breakfast crepes to savoury crepes. They also offer a wide range of breakfast items in the morning and you can dine in our get everything to go. It makes my stomach growl from just thinking about it. Yet if you’re not in the mood for a crepes or Japanese there are many food trucks right around the corner…literally. The streets of Vancouver have food trucks from Mac and Cheese to Thai food and even vegan food. All of it is delicious and there is something for everyone in Vancouver.

That’s what’s so special about Vancouver, no matter where you’re from there’s always a place right around the corner to make you feel at home.

A photo I took myself!

A photo I took myself! I love taking photos of the city


Even on rainy days I managed to snap a nice picture!

Even on rainy days I managed to snap a nice picture!

Your Miss Teenage South Western BC <3

Written by: Madison

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