My friends and I had waited patiently through 7 years of elementary school and 5 years of high school to celebrate our graduating year with a dream trip to Paris.

The day finally arrived where we were able to book and go on our well-planned grad trip to Paris with the amazing organizers and booking agents, S-TRIP. This was our dream come true! For over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travellers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at

Emma (my friend i have known since I was in elementary), Tijana (my bestfriend i have known since I started high school), Lydia (my friend i have known since I was 5 years old), and I, packed our suitcases and with utter joy and excitement, we jet settled for 7 glorious days. Here is what our itinerary had looked like:


We landed at the beautiful Charles de Gaulle Orly Airport.

When we arrived in Paris, we felt so excited and had one thing in mind… shop, shop and shop!

Although this was our main goal we got completely side tracked with the beauty, and all of the attractions screaming at us to simply come in and visit! We chose Paris for it’s cultural vibrancy and energy of being young, fresh, free and surrounded by the language and people of love. The culture is so inviting into its world of endless beauty and history.





Our first stop was the famous and romantically beautiful,.


The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.


Height: 324 mConstruction started: January 28, 1887

Opened: March 31, 1889

Floors: 3

We decided to have dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant on our first night.

The French cuisine is simply delicious. We dressed up in our cocktail dresses and enjoyed the girl time overlooking the cities night lights, I had to pinch myself, this was a dream I dreamed for years and that moment was real, so surreal!

We were staying at the Sofitel Hotel in downtown Paris, we were staying in the heart of the city and enjoying the cultural energy that surrounded us.


It was time to do what we came here to do, SHOP! All those car washes, and babysitting jobs finally felt worth it as we shopped in the boutiques and high-end fashion stores including:


Boulevard Saint Germain, Bon Marché & Rue du Bac

Grand Magasins on Boulevard Haussmann, Rue Tronchet & La Madeleine

Le Triangle d’Or

My personal favorite, Veuillez oui!

Oh and how could I forget how we were also able to squeeze in a fashion show, it felt like heaven! It has been my dream since a young age to model in Paris, Milan, New York, etc. This had to be the most inspiring experience for my dreams as a model and working the runway. I love fashion, and that was always my main reason to visit Paris. Being here made me fall in love with the city, it’s the people and everything about their lifestyle.

After we shopped in the most spectacular boutiques. We got to enjoy espresso coffee in tiny fine china cups at al fresco style cafe’s. The food was delicious; we enjoyed many baguettes at several street side bistros. We enjoyed Pot Au Feu, which is like a typical American beef stew but a lot better. We were engulfed in the French language that came easier to us than most travellers, as we had been taught French through the previous years.

There was just so much activity from the moment we landed until the day we left French soil. One of the highlights of our trip was going to the famous Louvre Museum.

Established in 1793, The Louvre is one of the world’s largest museums. It is a central landmark of Paris, France and is located on the right bank of Seine. This museum had the original Mona Lisa hanging there. Her beauty was breathtaking. This last visit before we headed out.

All the photo’s I had taken through the trip brings back the fondest memories of my trip to Paris.

Thank you S-Trip for arranging our grad trip that was the beginning of the rest of my life.

What you may want to know for your own grad trip:

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