A lot of people have been asking me why I decided to enter a pageant and before I get into that I would like to say that it’s been an honour to be given an opportunity to be apart of this. I’d seen the Miss Universe pageants on TV and I remember when I was young seeing pageant floats in parades. It had always fascinated me, the girls were so beautiful and their confidence was radiant.

Before Miss Teenage BC I’d always been reserved and shy in school, I wasn’t the greatest public speaker either, but around close relatives I could talk a mile a minute. I’d always been the type to always try and push myself. The thought of trying something new would allow me to learn something about myself. Miss Teenage BC allowed me to truly come out of my shell, I got to help out my local community as well as continuing to help out in Jamaica. I’d never felt so confident and Miss Teenage BC allowed me to learn to be confident and well-spoken in front of a crowd. The day after my competition I had a presentation in school and even my teacher commented on how I excelled compared to other presentations in that class.

Even now the effect this competition has had on me has been huge. It’s made me the best version I could be of myself. I feel fearless to speak in front of groups of people and approaching strangers which used to make me really nervous is a breeze.

I’m so glad I decided to compete because I feel like I’ve impacted others lives around me and these events I’ve done have been some of my most favourite memories. The bond I’ve formed with the fellow BC delegates have made this journey even more unforgettable.

For those who knew me before this competition know that me on stage in front of a crowd would have my anxiety through the roof. Any other girls who are interested in pageants should go for it because it changes you in such a positive way. I’m forever grateful that I competed once but now get the pleasure to compete again in Miss Teenage Canada in just over a week


-Your Miss Teenage South Western BC

Written by: Madison

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